Skylake Loader Performance 10.3-BETA3

Steven Hartland killing at
Mon Mar 7 17:24:16 UTC 2016

On 07/03/2016 16:43, Will Green wrote:
>> On 4 Mar 2016, at 18:49, Mark Dixon <mnd999 at> wrote:
>> Will Green <will <at>> writes:
>>> I am happy to test patches and/or current on this server if that helps. If
>> you want more details on the
>>> motherboard/system I have started a post on it at
>> I've made the UEFI switch which worked fine, but I'm also happy to help out
>> with testing if anyone looks at this.
> Are you booting from ZFS?
> Unless I’ve missed something this isn’t yet supported by the installer, but it is possible to get working manually.
Pretty sure you missed something and those changes where merged, imp 
should be able to confirm.


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