nfs_getpages: error 4

Dmitry Sivachenko trtrmitya at
Sat Mar 5 14:24:31 UTC 2016

> On 05 Mar 2016, at 17:01, Eugene Grosbein <eugen at> wrote:
> 05.03.2016 20:42, Dmitry Sivachenko пишет:
>>> and to discover what version is broken. And show full mount command/option set.
>> I already included mount flags from fstab in my original e-mail:
>> rw,bg,intr,soft
> If that's only options you use, there is another workaround: add options
> rsize=1024,wsize=1024 to avoid possible packet reassemply/defragmentation
> related bugs.

I wonder how rsize=wsize=1024 will affect performance?  I have 10GBit network and I expect to achieve comparable throughput.

> Again, error 4 is EINTR so you could disable both "soft" and "intr" options for test.

"soft" is meaningless in such setup, because "file system calls will fail after retrycnt round trip timeout intervals" but "The default is a retry count of zero, which means to keep retrying forever".

If I understand "intr" correctly, it matters only when server becomes unresponsive, that is "server is not responding" message should be in my logs.  But I have no such a message.

> Anyway, re-read mount_nfs(8) manual page, section BUGS before switch to NFSv4.

That is why I chose to use NFSv3, I thought it is more mature and stable implementation.

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