FreeBSD 10.3-RELEASE schedule update

Marius Strobl marius at
Sat Feb 20 01:27:21 UTC 2016

As you may have read in the announcement of 10.3-BETA2, we are currently
facing two regressions with the stable/10 code base for 10.3-RELEASE:

o The tryfoward optimization introduced in r290383 and merged as r295285,
  which unconditionally replaces the previous IP fastforwarding option,
  has turned out to cause ICMP messages being sent back to incorrect
  addresses when NAT is applied by a machine running that revision and
  having divergent MTU.  This problem was reported in the context of
  OpenVPN-based tunneling but also is not unlikely to generally cause a
  regression for Path MTU Discovery over a gateway doing NAT.
  For further details regarding the original problem see:
o The fixes and optimizations to VFS(9) of r291244, which was merged
  as part of r292895, cause system hangs when using ZFS.  If you are
  affected by this regression, please test the patch posted in:
  and report back there if the reversal of r291244 actually resolves
  the problem for you, especially if you are a user of amd64, as more
  confirmation still is needed for that architecture.

At re@ it has been decided, that we will not enter the RC phase with
these showstoppers in place.  Thus, the original 10.3-RELEASE schedule
has been put back by one week in order to allow for resolving these
two problems, with the previously optional 10.3-BETA3 builds now taking
place on February 26th, 2016.
Consequently, the updated, remaining release cycle for 10.3-RELEASE as
it currently stands is:

 BETA3 build starts:      February 26, 2016
 releng/10.3 branch:      March 4, 2016
 RC1 build starts:        March 4, 2016
 stable/10 thaw:          March 6, 2016
 release package copy:    March 6, 2016
 RC2 build starts:        March 11, 2016
 RC3 build starts:        March 18, 2016 [*]
 RELEASE build starts:    March 25, 2016
 RELEASE announcement:    March 29, 2016
 RELEASE EoL:             July 31, 2017 (tentative)

 [*] - If needed

On behalf of:	re@

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