A few outstanding 10.3-BETA2 bugs

David Cross dcrosstech at gmail.com
Fri Feb 19 04:46:06 UTC 2016

I would like to call attention to a number of outstanding bugs with
tickets, 2 of them have patches!

1) kern/189219 (ticket has proposed patch, much better than mine) which is
a crasher when using dummyney on sparc64.. I've had to maintain a separate
kernel patch for >6 months, there's really no reason we can't get this in

2) kern/207070 (ticket also has proposed patch).  Basically gptboot doesn't
zero memory before it reads and attempts to process the boot.config file;
trivial patch (one line, replaces foo[0] = '\0' with bzero(foo,

3) kern/207069 (no patch, because I can't figure out forth).. this one is
severe and really has to get fixed, anyone with a 'password="foo"' in
loader.conf will find themselves unable to boot their systems.  This
existed since 10.2 but went largely unnoticed because if you had an already
working system it worked (loader.rc in 10.1 and earlier work, 10.2 and
later don't, but loader.rc was not updated), however we are now overwriting
loader.rc on installworld, not even a mergemaster.  For someone that
understands loader and forth this is probably 20 seconds.

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