Recent -STABLE crashes out of swap at 3am every day

Pete French petefrench at
Sat Feb 6 11:13:35 UTC 2016

Followgin up my own porst - I did some investigaing, and
this is caused by the security scriots, which are now increasing wired
pages a lot. This appears to push normal procsses out into
swap until swap fills. Disabling the secuiryt scripts and  the system
no longer crashes.

So, what changes between June last year and now which would make wired
pages behave like this ? Am a bit uncomfortable with the fact that
upgrading the OS makes a system go from working fine to runnng out
of memory, that doesnt seem right. Did the kernel memory allocator for
ZFS chnage during the last 9 months (when did it move the UMA?)


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