Sanity check: FreeBSD 9.3 binaries on FreeBSD 9.1?

Alfred Perlstein bright at
Tue Feb 2 22:16:17 UTC 2016

On 2/2/16 2:09 PM, Alan Amesbury wrote:
> First off....  Yes, I know 9.1-RELEASE is deprecated.  I want to run something newer, but circumstances require I can't for now.
> Traditionally in FreeBSD -STABLE (as in 9-STABLE) referred to the APIs as being stable, i.e., stuff compiled within the same major release would generally run on versions within that release... or so I recall.  I have an instance where I have a need to run 9.1-RELEASE, but my package building infrastructure is all centered around 9.3-RELEASE or later.  Based on my (possibly incorrect) understanding of How Things Are[tm], I think packages built for 9.3-RELEASE will generally run on 9.1-RELEASE.  Does this sound generally correct, or am I totally off base here?  Any major pitfalls I should know of?
It's possible they may work, but that is not guaranteed.

Packages built on 9.1 should work on 9.3.

Packages built on 9.3 may work on 9.1, but that would only be by chance.


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