Sanity check: FreeBSD 9.3 binaries on FreeBSD 9.1?

Alan Amesbury amesbury at
Tue Feb 2 22:09:29 UTC 2016

First off....  Yes, I know 9.1-RELEASE is deprecated.  I want to run something newer, but circumstances require I can't for now.

Traditionally in FreeBSD -STABLE (as in 9-STABLE) referred to the APIs as being stable, i.e., stuff compiled within the same major release would generally run on versions within that release... or so I recall.  I have an instance where I have a need to run 9.1-RELEASE, but my package building infrastructure is all centered around 9.3-RELEASE or later.  Based on my (possibly incorrect) understanding of How Things Are[tm], I think packages built for 9.3-RELEASE will generally run on 9.1-RELEASE.  Does this sound generally correct, or am I totally off base here?  Any major pitfalls I should know of?

Alan Amesbury
University Information Security

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