when the sshd hits the fan

James Snow snow at teardrop.org
Wed Sep 23 14:39:08 UTC 2015

On Wed, Sep 23, 2015 at 01:37:30PM +0100, Matt Smith wrote:

> If this type of thing is being done on the base system sshd it would 
> also be useful to look at the port version of ssh as well? I use the 
> port and it has always annoyed me that I get constant "connection 
> refused" whilst I'm waiting for the server to fully boot up!

Tangential, but in case it's useful to anyone else:

  until ssh -o ConnectTimeout=2 $host; do sleep 1; done

I do this all the time for hosts where I'm waiting on boot. The timeouts
and connection refused messages serve as counters so I can do other
things while waiting and have an objective measure of whether or not
I've waited too long for a host to come up. Also handy is that it will
automatically reconnect on anything other than a deliberate log out.


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