fat32 question

Zoran Kolic zkolic at sbb.rs
Sun Sep 20 14:23:12 UTC 2015

> Zoran, re Brandon's "won't understand it any more."
> Dont despair & discard stick, you can rebuild the MBR: man fdisk
> from memory start with fdisk -i -B /dev/da0 

First, thanks all for replies!
After a bit of puzzling, I found that the problem was every Transcend
usb stick I have. They are all fine for mundane tasks and newfs_msdos
makes it able to work on freebsd. My music player was picky and has
something to say against. When I inserted old and forgoten Verbatim
drive, without making f32, it presented itself and files were ready
to play. Unbelievable.
Yep, I did fdisk step after I posted the question. No go on Transcend.
Might be hardware incompatibility or else. Btw, I always do just newfs
on back up usb disks and never had any problem, so far, on freebsd.
Once again, thank you for help.


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