fat32 question

Julian H. Stacey jhs at berklix.com
Sun Sep 20 12:12:54 UTC 2015

Tomoaki AOKI wrote:
> According to "Real Hardware Gotchas" section in [1], FAT32 fs creation
> of FreeBSD seems to have some problems.
> Try formatting by the hardware you're going to transfer files from
> FreeBSD, if available. Once formatted by other OS, read/write/delete
> files in FAT32 formatted media would be OK with FreeBSD.
> If not, and if the file you want to transfer is small enough, partition
> the media and use FAT16. (The safest maximum is 32MB, but maybe under
> 2GB would be OK.)
> [1] https://wiki.freebsd.org/UEFI

Zoran, re Brandon's "won't understand it any more."
Dont despair & discard stick, you can rebuild the MBR: man fdisk
from memory start with fdisk -i -B /dev/da0 

sometimes I then remove & reinsert or even reboot, to make certain
the OS has the new numbers.  I don't recall I've needed to reduce
from FAT32 to FAT16.

Ive not read the uefi page as happily no boxes are uefi here,
but I've often created FAT32 partitions, my notes at

The advice about letting the other native MS FAT device format if it will,
is quickest solution though.

PS Max size of FAT32 = 2TB

> On Sun, 20 Sep 2015 06:55:19 +0200
> Zoran Kolic <zkolic at sbb.rs> wrote:
> > I have a device to which I'd like to connect otg cable
> > and insert 16gb usb stick. Tried "newfs_msdos -F32 /dev/da0".
> > Mounted, copied files. The device does not see the file
> > system at all.
> > Any idea what to do further? Another option might be extfs.
> > Best regards
> > 
> >                               Zoran

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