GPU suggestion: gtx 750ti

Jan Bramkamp crest at
Fri Sep 4 15:16:11 UTC 2015

On 04/09/15 16:34, Dot Yet wrote:
> Hello,
> I currently run haswell based desktop and am planning to add a second gpu
> to get decent graphics functional. I am thinking about purchasing nvidia
> gtx 750ti. can anyone confirm if its supported by drivers and is capable of
> hardware acceleration? if not, what current day gpu should i look for? I am
> not a gamer, but I do like watching 1080p movies/trailers etc.
> Please let me know.

Yes a Nvidia GTX 750ti is supported by the closed source binary driver 
according to (enter your data 
and you end up at

A GTX 750ti is a bit overpowered for light desktop and media usage but 
based on a dated microarchitecture and lacks hardware support for the 
upcoming h.265 video codec.

Nvidia drops support for old hardware in their driver from time to time 
and newer chips have a lower idle power consumption for a given peak 
performance so you might want to look for a GPU with a newer 
microarchitecture. The GTX950 would be a good fit but the nvidia driver 
port is not yet up to version 352.41 which adds support for the GTX950.

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