freebsd-update and hang during reboot

Joel Dahl joel at
Sun Feb 8 19:42:04 UTC 2015


Just about every machine I have seems to hang after running freebsd-update and doing a reboot. The last message on the screen is "All buffers synced” and it just freezes.

This happens when doing a freebsd-update and going from 10.0 to 10.1, but also when doing a fresh 10.1 install and using freebsd-update to get the latest -pX security patches. As soon as I reboot the machine, it hangs.

I’ve tried it on several different HP ProLiant models, on Intel NUCs and on VMware virtual machines. Same phenomenon everywhere. It’s really easy to trigger: just install 10.1, use default settings everywhere, freebsd-update fetch/install, shutdown -r now and BOOM. It hangs. I think I’ve seen it on 

30 servers or so now.

Everything works like it should after the initial hang tough - no matter how many times I reboot it completes the reboot cycle just fine.

I’ve seen several people (mostly on IRC) mention this problem, but no solution.

Is anyone working on fixing this?


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