File-Backed ZFS Kernel Panic still in 10.1-RELEASE (PR 195061)

Will Green will at
Tue Apr 21 16:00:17 UTC 2015


I have been updating my ZFS tutorials for use on FreeBSD 10.1. To allow users to experiment with ZFS I use file-backed ZFS pools. On FreeBSD 10.1 they cause a kernel panic. 

For example a simple command like the following causes a panic: zpool create /tmp/zfstut/disk1

This issue was identified in PR 195061: 
And fixed in r274619 (2014-11-17): 

However, even on 10.1-RELEASE-p9 the kernel panic still occurs (but doesn’t on 11-CURRENT).

Are there any plans to patch this in 10.1? I note it’s not in the errata.

My tutorials are not the only ones that use file-backed ZFS: new users experimenting with ZFS on FreeBSD are likely to encounter this issue.


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