bug 195458 - 10.2 release or 10.1 patch?

Jamie Maher jamie.maher at gmail.com
Tue Apr 14 23:25:18 UTC 2015


  I noticed that a fix for bug 195458 "Hang on shutdown/root unmount 
after FreeBSD 10.1R upgrade" was MFC'd as revision 281386 in the 
10-stable Jenkins 1338 build log:  "Fix the hand(sp? hang) after the 
immediate reboot after the init binary is unlinked."

The bug seems to hang any new FreeBSD 10.1 install using the default 
installer filesystem choice of "Auto (UFS)" upon reboot following a 
freebsd-update update install for the first time. This can cause an 
unfavorable view of freebsd stability if someone is trying out the 
latest stable release of FreeBSD and their first experience after making 
sure everything is up to date is a hang.

This can also cause a headache if you do not have physical or KVM access 
to the server to reboot it.

Will there be an patch addressing this in 10.1, or will it be rolled 
into a later release eg. 10.2 which seems to be scheduled for November 
2015... quite a long way out.

I would think it would be good as well to issue a warning about the 
problem in the meantime?


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