Removal of legacy X.Org (aka non-WITH_NEW_XORG) [NVIDIA vs. powerpc64 for vt console switching; Radeon X1950 not working for powerpc64 Xorg generally]

Jean-Sébastien Pédron jean-sebastien.pedron at
Tue Oct 21 16:29:38 UTC 2014

On 05.10.2014 15:41, Mark Millard wrote:
>> Please do this for both vt(4) and syscons. Then post both truss-vt.txt
>> and truss-sc.txt files to this list. This will help us to determine if
>> vt(4) lacks an ioctl, compared to syscons.
> Each file is rather large. So here is an extraction that will 
> hopefully have enough context around each ioctl but that is vastly 
> smaller. (There are initial-replies to other request after this 
> extraction from the two files.)


Sorry for the long delay to answer.

Thank to your log files, we can see that vt(4) is missing ioctls
compared to syscons, but I don't know yet their purpose. This may
explain the difference of behavior and is something I must study.

>> Could you please post pictures of this screen with both -BETA2 and
>> -BETA3? I'd like to understand this regression on your side.
> For -BETA3 (and probably now -RC1?) I greatly doubt that I can get a 
> useful screen picture for the vt with 2560x1440 on Radeon x1950
> issue. The -BETA3 2560x1440 boot-display seems to be text a couple of
> pixels high/wide per character and fairly dark. (Presumes that the
> pattern is from tiny text since it is too small to read.) The same
> display pattern seems to repeat several times across the display.

Hmmm, unfortunately, I don't know how to help on this, I don't know how
PowerPC works and I don't have the hardware to test...

I hope someone with the knowledge will shine in :)

> Let me know if I should re-establish a -BETA2

No need, I understand what you describe. But as the issue is different,
let's concentrate on the other problems first and see if this one comes
back at some point.

> Of the kms-drm-update-38 request...
>> If you have some time, could you please test my "kms-drm-update-38",
>> available on GitHut?
> I probably will experiment with this at some point but it may take a 
> while to get there.

Cool, that would be nice!

Thank you!

Jean-Sébastien Pédron

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