How to recover local.sqlite (pkg(8) problem)

Chris H bsd-lists at
Wed Nov 19 00:17:44 UTC 2014

 During the building of a meta-port in the ports tree. My
/var/db/pkg/local.sqlite database became corrupted. I
spent some time, both with the pkg man pages, and with
sqlite3 itself attempting to use one of the backups
created by periodic(8). Located in /var/backups. But all
to no avail. For the record, I used
pkg backup -r /var/backup/pkg.sql.xz, as well as unpacking
a copy of that file, and issuing the same. Moving (renaming)
the corrupted database aside, prior to. I also issued
sqlite3 local.sqlite
followed by
read pkg.sql
went w/o issue. But issuing
pkg info
emitted several error messages. Which appeared to be from
This is on RELENG_9, w/source, and kernel world from about
1 week ago. I know that the backup is in good shape, as I
had been using it w/o issue.
Is this a bug?

Thank you for all your time, and consideration.


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