9.2-PRE: switch off that stupid "Nakatomi Socrates"

Alfred Perlstein alfred at freebsd.org
Sat Sep 28 02:17:52 UTC 2013

On 9/27/13 7:14 PM, Freddie Cash wrote:
> On Sep 27, 2013 5:05 PM, "grenville armitage" <garmitage at swin.edu.au> wrote:
>> On 09/28/2013 08:06, David Demelier wrote:
>>          [..]
>>> Also in the future you can just forgot that crappy ideas as you can see,
>>> nobody liked it.
>> I beg to differ.
> I know it's not a poll, but myself and the 5 people in my office all
> thought it was awesome, and will be leaving it enabled for as long as 9.2
> is installed on our servers.
> That definitely puts it above "nobody liked it".
> Lighten up. Go outside, take a deep breath of fresh air. Move on. Life is
> too short for this. :)
Agreed.  When it stop being fun, then it will see a decline in 


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