9.2-PRE: switch off that stupid "Nakatomi Socrates"

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Sat Sep 28 00:18:15 UTC 2013

Quoth David Demelier <demelier.david at gmail.com>:
> I personally think (but you may totally disagree with) that an operating
> system *is* an operating system. And I really hate easter eggs or
> anything else not serious being integrated into the system. I think
> about a new user installing FreeBSD 9.2, I would not imagine his
> reaction front of this kind of "tribute" or whatever you call that. For
> me it stands for "that's not serious, it looks like a toy".

Personally I thoroughly approve of a joke every now and then, as long as
it doesn't get out of hand. It reassures me there are actual human
people working on this who care about what they're doing, rather than
some faceless humourless corporation only interested in profit margins.
This in turn reassures me that standards will be kept high and bugs will
be taken seriously, because that's what people who care do.

> Fortunately now it's just a "version" but I would really not imagine
> when the screen was looking with the "tribute" loader_logo.

While I like the idea of release names in general, I think it's
important not to make them more prominent than the real version numbers.
I've had to deal with Ubuntu users (I know very little about Ubuntu) in
other open-source contexts, and they tend to talk about 'hardy heron' or
'constipated koala' or what-have-you, which just leaves me thinking
'yes, but which is *more recent*?'. So I might rather the default
version string was something more like 'FreeBSD 9.2-RELEASE (Nakatomi


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