FreeBSD 9.1 ix driver vlan problem

Michiel Boland michiel at
Thu Sep 26 06:26:15 UTC 2013

On 09/25/2013 20:03, Daniel Corbe wrote:
> Why would disabling STP on the switch *shorten* the amount of time it takes for
> the port to come up?  At least on Cisco switches, it takes ~45 seconds for the
> switching topology to converge with STP disabled.  Shorter periods if you enable
> portfast or uplinkfast.

What is meant, I believe, is that the port should be configured as an edge port 
("spanning-tree portfast [trunk]" in cisco lingo, "set edge" for junipers). You 
don't ever want to disable STP anywhere - that's just a recipe for disaster.


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