FreeBSD 9.1 ix driver vlan problem

Daniel Corbe corbe at
Wed Sep 25 18:16:45 UTC 2013

Why would disabling STP on the switch *shorten* the amount of time it takes 
for the port to come up?  At least on Cisco switches, it takes ~45 seconds 
for the switching topology to converge with STP disabled.  Shorter periods 
if you enable portfast or uplinkfast.

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On 25.09.2013, at 02:16, Rumen Telbizov <telbizov at> wrote:

> Example:
> ifconfig vlan200 create  # this is OK
> ifconfig vlan200 inet  vlan 200 vlandev ix1 description DEBUG #
> this second line makes the rest of the vlans freeze for 6-7 seconds
> On the switch side (Juniper) the physical interface flaps. There's nothing
> in logs/dmesg.

Might be, you have spanning tree enabled on the switch port and when the 
interface "flaps" it needs time to converge. Disable spanning tree on the 
port and the reset will be very short.


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