10.0-RELEASE status update

Glen Barber gjb at FreeBSD.org
Sat Nov 30 03:13:01 UTC 2013

Quick 10.0-RELEASE status update:

 - iconv(3) changes have been made in head/, and merged to stable/10

 - Two MFCs are undergoing review, one of which I will commit right
   before updating the stable/10 branch name to reflect '-BETA4'.[1]

 - Builds for 10.0-BETA4 will begin tomorrow.  The schedule page on the
   website will be updated to reflect the start of the -BETA4 builds, as
   well as updating the remainder of the schedule to reflect the
   adjustments after the delay.

[1] - Important note to those tracking stable/10:  An update will be
committed tomorrow that will disable automatic creation of pkg.conf(5).
Those installing new systems from 10.0-BETA4 should experience no
trouble, as the update pkg(8) version (pkg-1.2.1) should be available
around the same time 10.0-BETA4 is announced.  This affects the pkg(8)
bootstrap functionality *only*.  Those with bootstrapped pkg(8) will not
be affected.  For those doing source-based upgrades from stable/10 *and*
do not have pkg(8) already bootstrapped, there will be a brief (about
1 day, "brief" being relative) window of time where pkg(8) (versions
less than 1.2) will not have a pre-configured pkg.conf(5).  This will
also be noted in the 10.0-BETA4 announcement mail.[2]

[2] - I believe this is a non-issue, since usr.sbin/pkg/config.c has
pkg.FreeBSD.org set as the packagesite, but I am sure I am overlooking
something obvious that will prove me wrong.  So, that is why the
"important note" is longer than the actual status update.  :-)

Thank you for your patience.

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