Any objections/comments on axing out old ATA stack?

Alexander Motin mav at
Wed Mar 27 21:22:19 UTC 2013


Since FreeBSD 9.0 we are successfully running on the new CAM-based ATA 
stack, using only some controller drivers of old ata(4) by having 
`options ATA_CAM` enabled in all kernels by default. I have a wish to 
drop non-ATA_CAM ata(4) code, unused since that time from the head 
branch to allow further ATA code cleanup.

Does any one here still uses legacy ATA stack (kernel explicitly built 
without `options ATA_CAM`) for some reason, for example as workaround 
for some regression? Does anybody have good ideas why we should not drop 
it now?

Alexander Motin

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