[HEADS UP] pkgng binary packages regression in 1.0.9. Fixed in 1.0.9_1

Jeremy Chadwick jdc at koitsu.org
Wed Mar 20 16:29:32 UTC 2013

On Wed, Mar 20, 2013 at 04:20:02PM +0100, Matthias Gamsjager wrote:
> >  Due to the security incident, there are still no official FreeBSD
> > packages.
> Do you know what the status is on that issue?

I'd also like to find out what the status of this is.

The packages at:


Are still circa October 2012 -- that's 4-5 months ago.

While I truly and deeply understand that proper engineering design and
infrastructure changes take time, there has been absolutely no
communication presented to the community as to what has (or hasn't)
transpired, if there is (or isn't) a plan, or if people are simply
waiting until future in-person BSD* events to work things out.
freebsd-ops-announce has been silent on this matter as well:


At this point users and administrators do not know if newer packages
will be made available or if they should stick to building purely from

Deep down I'm worried that this will solicit a response of "switch to
ports-mgmt/pkg and ports-mgmt/poudriere".  While I'm not opposed to the
tools themselves, I'm strongly opposed to that kind of response as I'm
tired of seeing the security incident being used as a opportunistic
crutch (as it was for the sudden cvsup/csup deprecation).

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