svn - but smaller?

John Baldwin jhb at
Fri Mar 15 14:43:30 UTC 2013

On Wednesday, March 13, 2013 10:11:28 pm John Mehr wrote:
> > And svnup(1) really should mention that any files in the 
> >target tree not 
> > in the repository will be deleted, which was 
> >(explicitly) not the case 
> > with c{,v}sup.  I only lost a few acpi patches that I 
> >think have likely 
> > made it to stable/9 anyway, and it's a test system, but 
> >I was surprised.
> I always thought csup did delete files.  I was looking at 
> csup's man page for things to put on the to-do list and 
> there's a csup command line parameter ( -d ) that puts a 
> limit on the number of files that can be deleted in a 
> given run.  Adding this feature is already on my to-do 
> list, and I've just added another item to let the user 
> choose whether svnup should delete extra files in the 
> local source tree.

csup deletes files that are deleted upstream (so if an svn
commit were to remove a file from the source tree).  It did
not delete files that were locally added (like work/ directories
for port builds, or kernel config files) that were never in
the repository in the first place.

I think that is the approach you probably want to take by default.
That is also how the stock svn client acts.

John Baldwin

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