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>>> Hello John,
>>> This is Patrick the BSDTV guy. If you have the time / inclination, would you like to do a quick walk through svnup?**If you have a machine that will run Skype, I could record you doing a walk through including all the things you want to tell users about your port. Skype offers a "share your screen" feature that I have found helpful for making such videos. If you are interested, please let me know.
>>> Thank you for your support of the BSD community.
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>> Hello,
>> I'm currently in the process of adding http/https support to svnup and once I've got that working, the command line interface will be changing to be more like the traditional svn client to make it easier for people to adopt the tool [...]
> What'd you think about a syntax extension along the lines of
>    svnup --bsd-base
>    svnup --bsd-ports
>    svnup --bsd-all

What about using svnup on another BSD , or Linux ? 

> with automagic host selection, default to uname's major version stable branch and default target dirs?
 The automagically selected host al la something like fastest-cvsup would be useful as the list of mirrors changes and the "closest mirror" may not be apparent .

> Regards,
> Michael
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