bce0: bce_pulse(): Warning: bootcode thinks driver is absent! (bc_state = 0x00004006)

Jiansong Liu jiansong.liu at effective-world.com
Wed Mar 6 09:15:16 UTC 2013

Hi Marc,

My DELL PE2950 was 9.1-STABLE r246126M which is definitely earlier
than Feb 5th, I use it as VirtualBox host (4.2.6)

Yesterday it ran into simular problem like you described, but didn't
get any lucky, ping is dead.

Then I update it to r247836, it happened again today.

There's two warning message after boot:

bce1: promiscuous mode enabled
bce0: promiscuous mode enabled
bce0: bce_pulse(): Warning: bootcode thinks driver is absent!
(bc_state = 0x00004006)
bce1: bce_pulse(): Warning: bootcode thinks driver is absent!
(bc_state = 0x00004006)

I can't turn promiscuous mode off by type "ifconfig bce0 -promisc".

Any comment are appreciated, thanks.

Best regards,

On Fri, Mar 1, 2013 at 12:07 PM, Marc Fournier <freebsd at hub.org> wrote:
> Hi …
>    Running a kernel updated on the 24th, I just experienced a total hang of the ethernet … the funny thing is that when I went to the remote console, the network suddenly came up on its own, after being down for about 2 hours ...
> I had originally thought it had to do with VirtualBox, since up until now, the only boxes I'd see exhibiting this were running a VirtualBox VPS, but this server doesn't have one running …
> Has anyone seem this before?
> The odd thing is that the bce driver code hasn't been modified since Nov 17th, 2012, according to the FBSDID tag in if_bce.c … so its not a change to the driver itself …
> I was having some odd issues with another server that has VirtualBox, where similar would happen … I reverted back to code around Feb 5th, and it seemed to have gone away … am trying to see if I can narrow it down to a specific date, but maybe the error message has more meaning for someone else … ?
> Thx …
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