ZFS "stalls" -- and maybe we should be talking about defaults?

Ben Morrow ben at morrow.me.uk
Wed Mar 6 00:56:17 UTC 2013

Quoth "Steven Hartland" <killing at multiplay.co.uk>:
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> From: "Daniel Kalchev"
> > On Mar 6, 2013, at 12:09 AM, Jeremy Chadwick <jdc at koitsu.org> wrote:
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> >> I say that knowing lots of people use ZFS-on-root, which is great -- I
> >> just wonder how many of them have tested all the crazy scenarios and
> >> then tried to boot from things.
> > 
> > I have verified that ZFS-on-root works reliably in all of the following
> > scenarios: single disk, one mirror vdev, many mirror vdevs, raidz.
> > Haven't found the time to test many raidz vdevs, I admit. :)
> One thing to watch out for is the available BIOS boot disks. If you try
> to do a large RAIDZ with lots of disk as you root pool your likely to
> run into problems not because of any ZFS issue but simply because the
> disks the BIOS sees and hence tries to boot may not be what you expect.

IIRC the Sun documentation recommends keeping the root pool separate
from the data pools in any case.


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