ZFS "stalls" -- and maybe we should be talking about defaults?

Freddie Cash fjwcash at gmail.com
Tue Mar 5 22:18:36 UTC 2013

On Tue, Mar 5, 2013 at 2:09 PM, Jeremy Chadwick <jdc at koitsu.org> wrote:

> On Tue, Mar 05, 2013 at 01:09:41PM +0200, Andriy Gapon wrote:
> > > - Disks are GPT and are *partitioned, and ZFS refers to the partitions
> > >   not the raw disk -- this matters (honest, it really does; the ZFS
> > >   code handles things differently with raw disks)
> >
> > Not on FreeBSD as far I can see.
> My statement comes from here (first line in particular):
> http://lists.freebsd.org/pipermail/freebsd-questions/2013-January/248697.html
> If this is wrong/false, then this furthers my point about kernel folks
> who are in-the-know needing to chime in and help stop the
> misinformation.  The rest of us are just end-users, often misinformed.

This has been false from the very first import of ZFS into FreeBSD
7-STABLE.  Pawel even mentions that GEOM allows the use of the cache on
partitions with ZFS somewhere around that time frame.  Considering he did
the initial import of ZFS into FreeBSD, I don't think you can find a more
canonical answer.  :)

This is one of the biggest differences between the Solaris-based ZFS and
the FreeBSD-based ZFS.

It's too bad this mis-information has basically become a meme.  :(

Freddie Cash
fjwcash at gmail.com

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