Make use of RACCT and rctl

Edward Tomasz Napierała trasz at
Sat Mar 2 16:15:31 UTC 2013

Wiadomość napisana przez Peter Ankerstål w dniu 2 mar 2013, o godz. 16:21:
> Hi!
> Im trying to limit memory usage for jails with the rctl API. But I don't really get it.
> I have compiled the kernel with the right options and rctl show me stuff like:
> jail:jail22:memoryuse:deny=268435456
> jail:jail22:swapuse:deny=268435456
> jail:jail20:memoryuse:deny=268435456
> jail:jail20:swapuse:deny=268435456
> jail:jail16:memoryuse:deny=268435456
> jail:jail16:swapuse:deny=268435456
> but when I try to allocate memory it doesn't seem to hit the limit. Also when I run 
> # rctl -u jail:jail20
> cputime=0


Could you please do "jls jid name" and verify that a jail named "jail20" is actually

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