Building RELENG_9 (or RELENG_9_*) on a small machine?

Ian Smith smithi at
Fri Mar 1 19:18:33 UTC 2013

On Thu, 28 Feb 2013 01:30:20 -0800, Darren Pilgrim wrote:
 > On 2013-02-27 18:23, Adrian Chadd wrote:
 > > Hm, have you disabled that CAM target layer stuff at boot? It's likely
 > > tying up some RAM.
 > Disabling CTL let cc1plus get is resident size up to 167 MB, but that still
 > wasn't enough.  Building clang is simply too memory intensive. :/

It is on anything less than 384MB even with here, 
being on a thinkpad T23, 1133MHz P3-M on 9.1-R sources.  At 256MB - the 
minimum earlier that completed installation without disabling CTL - swap 
often sat at ~14MB but blew out to around 165MB building those huge llvm 
libraries - cc1plus 332M, 173M resident was one top I snipped, but I 
can't say I caught the biggest.  I let it finish anyway: 7h40m!

When I ran buildworld again (as before, straight, no arguments) after 
removing /usr/obj and adding WITHOUT_CLANG=yes to /etc/src.conf (thanks 
Glen), I expected big savings but was surprised when it ran just 3h32m.

Then I added 128MB (to 384MB) and repeated the first buildworld (incl. 
clang) expecting huge savings as it'd only touched swap to about 12MB a 
time or two, mostly having 100MB+ of free memory .. wow, down to 7h02m!

Here at least, building llvm libs and clang doubles buildworld time! and 
extends /usr/obj from 675MB to 1GB.

 > To the buildbox!

When I take it back to 768MB, that'll be my buildbox! :)

cheers, Ian

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