SU+J on 9.1-RC2 ISO

Bas Smeelen b.smeelen at
Sun Nov 4 09:13:15 UTC 2012

On 11/04/2012 06:19 AM, Zoran Kolic wrote:
>> There's an existing checkbox to disable it. There was substantial
>> consensus for 9.0 that SUJ was something we wanted
> Nice to hear. I assume you mean check box during install
> process? Not mentioned in install guide in handbook.
> So, after I accept guided partitioning, I should go to
> "modify" or else? Sorry to bother again and again, but
> it is not clear to me at the moment. I'd avoid further
> tunefs if possible.
> If not possible, let me clear that branch 8 has no J as
> default and I found myself wondering. Correct me if I'm
> wrong. I have to go to single user mode first. Make fsck
> on partition that contains freebsd-ufs ( / ). Check
> options for that partition with "tunefs -p partition".
> What exact name that partition would have? Next I have to
> disable journaling with "-j disable" and enable trim with
> "-t enable". Reboot and voila?
> People mention file or partition that has to be deleted.
> Next few days I will put ssd into laptop and manage install,
> when release shows up. If there is another point I have
> to choose for journaling, let me know.
> Best regards all
>                                Zoran

I have just installed fresh from 9.1-RC3 ISO and cannot find a checkbox 
to disable journaling or enable TRIM. Do I miss something here?

The only way I can find to customize is to go to the shell, which is an 
option in bsdinstall partedit and then gpart and newfs from there. This 
way I can align to 1 or 2 MB, enable TRIM and disable journaling, and 
make use of all options someone desires.

Also I tried using the shell at the end of the install to disable 
journaling, but this cannot be done since /mnt is busy.

Just rebooting to single user mode after the install and then tunefs -j 
disable /dev/ada0p2 works for me.
Replace ada0 with the device your disk is on, p2 is the defalt partition 
for /
After a reboot then I just removed /.sujournal

Still I have send a pr with patch to change the default, let's see what 

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