Why Are You NOT Using FreeBSD ?

Daniel Kalchev daniel at digsys.bg
Fri Jun 1 12:33:07 UTC 2012

On 01.06.12 15:15, Kurt Jaeger wrote:
> - Telephony (ISDN to SIP gateways, Asterisk etc) -- I know, Hans 
> Petter Selasky is doing wonderful work in that area, I had no time to 
> dive into this. 

Asterisk (tested up to v 10) works wonderfully on FreeBSD. Mine even 
runs in jail. The few gateways to PSTN are external and spread over 
distance anyway. There are less and less PSTN physical interconnects 
anyway. About any sane telco will provide SIP trunks over TCP/IP so 
there is not much motivation for development in that area. Such 
connectivity was big thing say 10 years ago..

There is hardly anything FreeBSD cannot do. I tend to avoid proprietary 
technologies like the plague (this includes about anything from 
Microsoft). For example if one wants an e-mail server, that is better 
served in the long run by IMAP+MTA than any form of Exchange, because 
you are not tied to one single platform and that vendor's lunacy. 
Otherwise FreeBSD runs just fine as server for about any other OS 
client, provided those clients use standard Internet protocols.

Things I don't particularly do is use FreeBSD for mobile. I find OS X 
way better choice there. When you need to go mobile, you usually need 
the highest performing hardware (that is, lower power consumption, less 
heat etc) and those things usually are pretty much proprietary for quite 
long time. With OS X you get nice UNIX client.. for your FreeBSD 
servers, that is. I also find it increasingly tempting to use tablets 
for such remote client tasks :)

Another thing I don't use FreeBSD for is CAD. Unfortunately, there is no 
AutoCAD for anything but Windows or OS X.

It will sure be interesting to learn what people avoid to use FreeBSD for.

Best Regards,
Daniel Kalchev

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