zfs, 1 gig of RAM and periodic weekly

Peter Jeremy peterjeremy at acm.org
Tue Feb 28 08:22:54 UTC 2012

On 2012-Feb-27 14:48:05 -0800, Freddie Cash <fjwcash at gmail.com> wrote:
>You can get away with 2 GB of RAM, if you spend a lot of time manually
>tuning things to prevent kmem exhaustion and prevent ZFS ARC from
>starving the rest of the system (especially on the network side of

I run a system with ZFS and 2GB RAM (though only 40GB disk) without
any major tuning (AFAIR, I've only adjusted vfs.zfs.arc_max).  That
said, more RAM would be better.

>Definitely go with a 64-bit install.  Even with less than 4 GB of RAM,
>you'll benefit from the large kmem size and better auto-tuning.

I'd strongly recommend against running ZFS on i386 as anything other
than an experiment.

Peter Jeremy
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