zfs, 1 gig of RAM and periodic weekly

Eugene M. Zheganin emz at norma.perm.ru
Tue Feb 28 04:10:41 UTC 2012


On 28.02.2012 01:02, Nenhum_de_Nos wrote:
> regardless of the pool size ?
> I was planning on making an atom board a file server for my home, and I have two options: soekris
> net6501 2GB RAM and intel board powered by the 330 atom (says 2GB limited as well). My plans are
> to use from 4 up to 8 disks, and they should be 2TB at least.
> As its for home use, some p2p software and mostly music listening and sometimes movie streaming.
> should 2GB be that bad, that I should drop it and use UFS instead ?
> I may run any version of FreeBSD on it, was planning on 9-STABLE or 9.1.
In the same time I have a couple of hosts successfully running zfs on 
768 Megs and on 1 Gig of RAM. Both i386.
And they aren't affected by the periodic weekly for some reason. And 
they are used only as fileservers.

So when I see all these advices to add a gazillion gigabytes of RAM to 
use zfs - I don't see the connection.


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