LSI supported mps(4) driver in stable/9 and stable/8

Ollivier Robert roberto at
Mon Feb 13 14:08:56 UTC 2012

According to Kenneth D. Merry:
> The LSI-supported version of the mps(4) driver that supports their 6Gb SAS
> HBAs as well as WarpDrive controllers, is now in stable/9 and stable/8.

> Note that the CAM infrastructure changes that went into FreeBSD/head along
> with this driver have not gone into either stable/9 or stable/8.  Only the
> driver itself has been merged.
> The CAM infrastructure changes depend on some other da(4) driver changes
> that will need to get merged before they can go back.  If that merge
> happens, it will probably only be into stable/9.

Got an ETA for this?  Saying differently, is it reasonable to run stable/9 with the new driver but w/o the CAM changes?  What do these changes bring BTW?  Sorry, been out-of-touch these days :(


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