Reducing the need to compile a custom kernel

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> > Hi,
> Hello,
> > The question is, is this enough? Or asked differently, why are you
> > compiling a custom kernel in a production environment (so I rule out
> > debug options zhich are not enabled in GENERIC)? Are there options
> > which you add which you can not add as a module (SW_WATCHDOG comes
> > to my mind)? If yes, which ones and how important are they for you?
> Not very important, but since you are asking, is there another place
> to put options to atkbd and sc, like these ones:
> options 	ATKBD_DFLT_KEYMAP	# specify the built-in keymap
> makeoptions	ATKBD_DFLT_KEYMAP=fr.iso.acc

No, there is no other way to add the keymap to the kernel directly
(if you want to have it working correctly in single-user mode) instead
of loading it with rc.conf.

I do not know if you can change the colors with vidcontrol, but if you
can, I do not expect this to be a problem for single-user mode.


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