ZFS panics on pool moved from OpenSolaris

Andriy Gapon avg at FreeBSD.org
Sun Feb 5 11:20:17 UTC 2012

Please see this thread:
It looks like the same issue.
The patch has been committed in head, not sure if it's MFCed.

on 05/02/2012 06:57 Morgan Reed said the following:
> Hi all,
>      I'm experiencing an issue in migrating my NAS from OpenSolaris
> over to FreeBSD, I've tried both releng_8_2 and releng_9 I have
> similar issues in both cases.
> The pool is a RAID-Z pool comprising 4 1TB drives, it was originally
> created on OpenSolaris (not sure what version, 2010.09 maybe, it was
> one of the last ones prior to the Oracle acquisition), pool was a V14
> pool, initially I built a FreeBSD-8.2 system to migrate the pool to,
> migrated it over OK, upgraded it from V14 to V15, but later testing
> revealed something wasn't happy, when listing certain directories (and
> even doing an ls -la at the root of the pool) resulted in a kernel
> panic (Mostly GENERIC kernel, rebuilt with KVA_PAGES 512 but other
> than that stock);
> panic: avl_find()  succeeded inside avl_add()
> cpuid = 0
> KDB: stack backtrace:
> #0 0x808e0d07 at kdb_backtrace+0x47
> #1 0x808b1dc7 at panic+0x117
> #2 0x862e6602 at avl_add+0x52
> #3 0x8635c136 at zfs_fuid_table_load+0x1f6
> #4 0x8635c3ee at zfs_fuid_init+0x14e
> #5 0x8635c4d7 at zfs_fuid_find_by_idx+0xb7
> #6 0x8635c52d at zfs_fuid_map_id+0x2d
> #7 0x8635d56f at zfs_groupmember+0x2f
> #8 0x8636df0b at zfs_zaccess_aces_check+0x1db
> #9 0x8636377 at zfs_zaccess+0x57
> #10 0x8636d6fb at zfs_zaccess_rwx+0x3b
> #11 0x86385f61 at zfs_freebsd_access+0xf1
> #12 0x80c02ea2 at VOP_ACCESS_APV+0x42
> #13 0x809457cf at change_dir+0x5f
> #14 0x809467b1 at kern_chdir+0x81
> #15 0x80946a22 at chdir+0x22
> #16 0x808eca39 at syscallenter+0x329
> #17 0x80be4e14 at syscall+0x34
> Looks like something in the permissions structure was causing grief,
> tried running a scrub across the pool, didn't resolve the issue.
> After spending some time fighting with it I decided that it wasn't
> worth the effort, and I upgraded to FreeBSD-9.0 to see if that would
> assist (I normally avoid x.0 releases), once again pool imported fine,
> however I was still seeing similar panics, ran a scrub across the
> pool, still not happy, also upgraded the pool to v28 tried again, when
> that failed I scrubbed again but still no joy.
> As a matter of interest I booted an OpenIndiana live CD and tried
> copying the directories contents to another location, I am now able to
> list the directories. However there are still issues.
> The issue seems to have shifted slightly, stack trace from a recent
> panic is below (GENERIC kernel on 9.0-RELEASE);
> panic: avl_find()  succeeded inside avl_add()
> cpuid = 0
> KDB: stack backtrace:
> #0 0xc0a4b157 at kdb_backtrace+0x47
> #1 0xc0a186b7 at panic+0x117
> #2 0xc5a2d7b2 at avl_add+0x52
> #3 0xc5ac44e6 at zfs_fuid_table_load+0x1f6
> #4 0xc5ac479e at zfs_fuid_init+0x14e
> #5 0xc5ac4893 at zfs_fuid_find_by_idx+0xc3
> #6 0xc5ac48ed at zfs_fuid_map_id+0x2d
> #7 0xc5ac492f at zfs_groupmember+0x2f
> #8 0xc5adbdcb at zfs_zaccess_aces_check+0x1db
> #9 0xc5adc257 at zfs_zaccess+0xb7
> #10 0xc5afa7d4 at zfs_freebsd_getattr+0x1f4
> #11 0xc0d69322 at VOP_GETATTR_APV+0x42
> #12 0xc0ab81c9 at vn_stat+0x79
> #13 0xc0aaefdd at kern_statat_vnhook+0xfd
> #14 0xc0aaf1cc at kern_statat+0x3c
> #15 0xc0aaf156 at kern_lstat+0x36
> #16 0xc0aaf1ff at sys_lstat+0x2f
> #17 0xc0d49315 at syscall+0x355
> This time it appears to be related to some extended attribute(s), I
> can do an ls on one of the directories in question but an ls -la
> causes a panic, so it would seem that it's some attribute which is
> only shown in the long form of the ls output that is causing the
> issue.
> I've done some digging around via the magic of google and this seems
> to be a fairly common issue, but I've not found a solution for it
> (barring copying the data off, recreating the pool and restoring the
> data, I'd like to avoid this if at all possible.
> If I could determine what the problematic attribute was and a means to
> strip it (be that from FreeBSD or from an OpenIndiana liveCD) I think
> that will get me back up and running.
> If anybody can provide some suggestions as to what I may be able to do
> to resolve this issue in situ I would be very grateful.

Andriy Gapon

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