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Tue Aug 28 20:48:31 UTC 2012

On Tue, Aug 28, 2012 at 09:31:30PM +0100, Jamie Paul Griffin wrote:
> Hi
> I am following 9 Stable. I have read the handbook information and I am now subscribed to this list and the svn-src-stable-9@ list.
> Even after reading the handbook, what i'm not clear about is this:
> I see individual commits being submitted to the source tree; do I:
> 	- patch and update each individual commit, or;
> 	- rebuild world say once every couple of days or even each day to incorporate the changes, and;
> 	- does the kernel need to be rebuilt and reinstalled each time if using the first option. Obviously I would have to if rebuilding world (the second option).
> ...

Errmmm... Well, here's what I do (briefly):

* I maintain /usr/src as an SVN "working copy" -- that is, I created it
  by (the logical equivalent of):

  * # cd /usr && rm -fr src && mkdir src && chown david src
  * $ cd /usr/src && svn co ${repo}/stable/9 .
    (where "$repo" is a URL for the SVN repo used).

Periodically (daily, in my case), after the repo that I use has been
updated, I issue:

  * $ svn update /usr/src

and if there were updates, I rebuild.

If the only updates are to the kernel sources, I often only rebuild the
kernel.  If any updates were not for the kernel, I rebuild both userland
and kernel.

See /usr/src/UPDATING; look for the string "COMMON ITEMS" (about 87% of
the way into the file).  I use the "To rebuild everything and install it
on the current system." with the variation that I usually specify
-DNOCLEAN, and I haven't actually needed to perform the "<reboot in
single user>" step in longer than I can remember.

I do all builds within a script(1) invocation (so I have a record), and
usually within screen(1), as well (just in case Something Weird
happens).  I also usually specify a -j value, in order to take advantage
of multiple cores.

I hope that helps a bit.

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