FreeBSD 9.1-RC1 Available...

Bryan Drewery bryan at
Tue Aug 28 20:37:42 UTC 2012

On 8/25/2012 4:33 AM, Harald Schmalzbauer wrote:
> But my real problem is that svn is not in the base system. And for
> example installing subversion package on my cvsup mirror failed because
> pkg-config-0-25_1 was installed and sqlite, a dependency of subversion,
> wants to install pkgconf-0.8.5. So I'm hit by the henn-egg problem.

This is because pkg-config was removed and moved from devel/pkg-config
to devel/pkgconf. To update or install any port, you'll need to
deinstall pkg-config and install pkgconf. There is an associated

      AFFECTS: users of devel/pkg-config
      AUTHOR: bapt at

      devel/pkg-config has been replaced by devel/pkgconf

      # portmaster -o devel/pkgconf devel/pkg-config
      # portupgrade -fo devel/pkgconf pkg-config-\*

      # pkg set -o devel/pkg-config:devel/pkgconf
      # pkg install -f devel/pkgconf


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