9.1 RELENG_9 Unable to cleanly dismount root partition on shutdown

Matt Smith matt at xtaz.co.uk
Mon Aug 27 09:06:06 UTC 2012

I posted on this mailing list two weeks ago and never received any 
replies so I decided to raise a PR via the web form. But I think I 
submitted it under the wrong category and it's marked as low priority as 
well. But I think this is something that is a potential serious problem 
if I end up getting a corrupted filesystem so I'm posting here again in 
the hope somebody can help this time. The PR is amd64/170646.

I'm now running the latest RELENG_9 code as of 25th August as I've done 
a new buildworld/kernel. I still get the same problem. When I reboot it 
I get WARNING: / was not properly dismounted and it rebuilds from 
journal. On shutdown I get the messages pasted below. I'm running amd64 
with GPT partitioning, UFS2 with softupdates and softupdates journalling 
enabled. I have a custom kernel but I don't think I took anything 
important out of it.

Syncing disks, vnodes remaining...7 7 2 0 0 done
All buffers synced.
fsync: giving up on dirty
0xfffffe0007102780: tag devfs, type VCHR
usecount 1, writecount 0, refcount 2292 mountedhere 
flags (VI(0x200))
v_object 0xfffffe0005101910 ref 0 pages 23509
lock type devfs: EXCL by thread 0xfffffe00018fe08e0 (pid 1)
dev label/root
umount of / failed (35)

Then when the box comes back up again it detects that / was not 
cleanly and recovers from journal before marking it clean once more.

My uname:
FreeBSD tao.xtaz.co.uk 9.1-PRERELEASE FreeBSD 9.1-PRERELEASE #0: Sat 
Aug 25 12:34:52 BST 2012     
root at tao.xtaz.co.uk:/usr/obj/usr/src/sys/TAO  amd64

My glabel status:
                                       Name  Status  Components
                                gpt/gptboot     N/A  ada0p1
gptid/bfe99d62-e00f-11e1-8623-00012e475ffb     N/A  ada0p1
                                 label/root     N/A  ada0p2
                                 label/swap     N/A  ada0p3

My fstab:
/dev/label/root / ufs rw 1 1
/dev/label/swap none swap sw 0 0

My gpart:
=> 34 1250263661 ada0 GPT (596G)
34 1024 1 freebsd-boot (512k)
1058 990 - free - (495k)
2048 1228931072 2 freebsd-ufs (586G)
1228933120 21330575 3 freebsd-swap (10G)

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