iSCSI boot driver 0.2.5 (isboot.ko) has been released.

Daisuke Aoyama aoyama at
Wed Aug 22 05:44:13 UTC 2012

You can download the source file from:

Also, you can download a demo version of 9.1-BETA1.

This demo version is added isboot.txz which includes isboot.ko and 
and a syscons patched kernel for DN2800MT.

You can use it as istgt's LUN extent like this:
  TargetName ""
  Mapping PortalGroup4 InitiatorGroup2800
  UnitType Disk
  QueueDepth 32
  LUN0 Storage /tank/iscsi/istgt-DN2800MT.vdi Auto
  LUN1 Storage /tank/iscsi/FreeBSD-9.1-BETA1-amd64-memstick-isboot-0.2.5.img 

Then, boot FreeBSD installer from LUN1 and install FreeBSD by normal way to 
After installation, you have an iSCSI based diskless machine.
I have tested it with iPXE(USB boot) and Intel Desktop Board DN2800MT 
without using SATA ports.

For example, booting LUN1 by iPXE(just use :::1:):

For more info of Japanese is here:

Have fun!
Daisuke Aoyama

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