Get ports tree of the current pkgng repository

Michael Schnell s-tlk at
Thu Aug 16 20:02:35 UTC 2012

I don't know if this came up already, but not as far as I know. So, I
was thinking it would be nice to add a mechanism to pkgng, which enables
the user to get the ports tree corresponding to the current repository.

At least I've the problem that I really like the idea of the pkgng
system, but I need a few custom build packages. For instance rawtherapee
is not working for me with OpenMP, so I have to disable it to get it
working, or I made some patches for openbox, which of course then needs
to be compiled. In order to get not in conflict with a more recent
ports tree the exact version of the repository build would be nice.

At the moment I can think of two ways to implement it. The easiest way
would be to add the ports tree as a packages into the repository. A more
complicated thing is to add a mechanism to portsnap synchronised with
the pkgng system to direct fetch it, or at least a revision number of
the current repo, so you can check it out of the subversion.

How do you guys feel about this?


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