LSI 9240-4i 4K alignment

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Thu Aug 16 16:27:14 UTC 2012

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> I know. The problem with that controller is that for some reason it
> doesn't like gpart. I have gnoped the drives directly and it seems to
> be working so far.

It still really smells like something higher up the layers than the
controller tbh.

>> In addition to this we're running LSI 2008 based controllers here on
>> 8.2-RELEASE + manually merged in mps driver with ZFS just fine. They
>> aren't running 4k aligned but they are working well.
> Right, they fall under the mps driver like the following:
> LSI Logic SAS2004 (4 Port SAS)
> LSI Logic SAS2008 (8 Port SAS)
> LSI Logic SAS2108 (8 Port SAS)
> LSI Logic SAS2116 (16 Port SAS)
> LSI Logic SAS2208 (8 Port SAS)

Confused as your 9240-4i is a SAS2008 based card so you "shouldnt" be
seeing any difference as it should be supported just fine under mps.

The cards we have here are 9211-8i if that helps.


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