LSI 9240-4i 4K alignment

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>> After contacting the manufacturer we got this response:
>> ------
>> My apologies for the wrong information provided in my previous email.
>> I was under the impression that this OS is still supported but after
>> checking with our developer,  FreeBSD is currently not supported with
>> the LSI Megaraid Cards due to some issue with the driver we've
>> provided. It will be supported in our upcoming releases which may come
>> by the end of this year.  Please check back on our website during that
>> time frame for the FreeBSD driver.
>> Once again please accept my apologies for the inconvenience.
>> -----
> I would ask them if they have a fix, as if they do there's nothing
> stopping you building a custom kernel with the update.

You are right but it seems more cost effective to get a new controller
that has support under the mps driver.

> Its quite common for big companies to not "officially" support until a
> release but that doesn't mean they don't have a fix if you know what I
> mean :)

I know. The problem with that controller is that for some reason it
doesn't like gpart. I have gnoped the drives directly and it seems to
be working so far.

> In addition to this we're running LSI 2008 based controllers here on
> 8.2-RELEASE + manually merged in mps driver with ZFS just fine. They
> aren't running 4k aligned but they are working well.

Right, they fall under the mps driver like the following:

LSI Logic SAS2004 (4 Port SAS)
LSI Logic SAS2008 (8 Port SAS)
LSI Logic SAS2108 (8 Port SAS)
LSI Logic SAS2116 (16 Port SAS)
LSI Logic SAS2208 (8 Port SAS)

I have worked in the past with some of those and never had a problem.

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