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Wed Aug 1 08:05:59 UTC 2012

Aristedes Maniatis wrote:
> Could I ask that someone with appropriate access rights review the state
> of release documentation for 9.1 beta. It is very confused.
> 1. This page is the best information available:
> 2. The link from the front page ( ) is labelled
> "Upcoming: 9.1-BETA1" but goes to a page which is mostly about existing
> releases, not the next release.
> 3. Clicking on the "view" link for the 9.1 information on that page
> takes you to which looks a lot
> like the information in point [1] but wrong/old.
> 4. On there is a link to
> "FreeBSD Snapshot Releases" for people interested in "FreeBSD-CURRENT
> (AKA 10.0-CURRENT)". But following the link takes you to a page where
> you get linked to "9-CURRENT, 8-STABLE, 7-STABLE, and 6-STABLE" snapshots.
> It is possible I'm just stuck in the past, but I've never been able to
> navigate the 'new' bowling ball branded FreeBSD site nearly as well as
> the older incarnation. And yes, I can eventually figure it all out...
> but this information could be a whole lot clearer. I design information
> presentation for a living, so perhaps I'm picky about these things, but
> I do think that confusion could turn people away from my favourite
> operating system.


I can not agree more about what you say, but the pages you mention still
let you find what you want and this pages do have a release/modify date
stamp somewhere and they are not thaaat old

worse and worse it gets when looking for documentation

all this pages do not have a date or indication to what version they
refer to, most are old, some even wrong for actual releases

even if recognizing the work spent by all to write the pages, also
recognizing that all docs are well written, organized and
understandable, all of it is worthless when not up to date, wrong or
incomplete for actual releases (either OS or ports) or merely theoretical

this is still more important because a lot of general product docs for,
 lets say for example xorg or kde, do not apply fully to their FreeBSD
ports, forcing the user finding his way elsewhere or getting stuck with
eventually not working system or as you say leading to turn away from

one step forward would be, adding at least the last modified date to
each document, but not in tiny light grey chars at the bottom, but big
and fat on top of the doc, so at last the user would have the
possibility to consider it being old or new documentation


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