Running portupgrade from cron (was: /usr/bin/script eating 100% cpu with portupgrade and xargs)

Kurt Jaeger lists at
Sun Oct 23 15:03:57 UTC 2011


> >>>> Worst of all, you're running portupgrade from cron without
> >>>> reading UPDATING, which is just asking for trouble.

> >>> What specifically is your concern here?

> Yes, but updating correctly in first place is better than trying to
> understand what happened to software looking for when
> there is and _then_ reading UPDATING is better, don't
> you think?

It depends. I have reference boxes which daily run portupgrade
from cron, just to see whether I have a consistent set of ports
for our apps.

If most of the packages are stable, I'll generate a pkg collection
and replicate it to those destination hosts that need updating and
replace every pkg on those hosts with new pkgs.

> Other point is that during update daemons never restarted. But
> sometimes stopped, dovecot, for example, if I'm not mistaken. Do you
> also reboot after each cron update?

As the reference boxes do not run services, that's not a problem.

To sum it up: running portupgrade from cron is useful.

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