FreeBSD 9.0-BETA3 Available...

Doug Barton dougb at
Thu Oct 13 22:23:47 UTC 2011

On 10/12/2011 06:47, Ken Smith wrote:
> On Wed, 2011-10-12 at 14:39 +0100, Bruce Cran wrote:
>> On 29/09/2011 02:42, Ken Smith wrote:
>>> MD5 (FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3-amd64-bootonly.iso) = 2ce7b93d28fd7ff37965893f1af3f7fc
>>> MD5 (FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3-amd64-dvd1.iso) = 4affc701f2052edc548274f090e49235
>>> MD5 (FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3-amd64-memstick.img) = e260f2f2122326cb9a93ac83eb006c1c
>> The -dvd1.iso files seem to be less than a CD, at 610MB. Are they 
>> expected to contain more data over time, or could 'dvd' be removed?
> I was planning on them having package sets.  The new installer doesn't
> support installing packages like sysinstall had but if I provide Gnome,
> KDE, and perhaps a small set of other stuff it would be useful to people
> with crummy network connectivity.  They could install the packages from
> the DVD instead of needing to have everything downloaded.

Is there still going to be a CD-sized installer? I find this really
useful both at home, and also for virtualized installs.


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