setfacl(1) POSIX1e Assertion failed with -d on UFS2

Jason Hellenthal jhell at
Thu Oct 13 04:58:40 UTC 2011

Just as the subject says... on the most recent stable/8 i386

Assertion failed: (_acl_brand(acl_new) == ACL_BRAND_POSIX), function
_posix1e_acl_strip_np, file /usr/src/lib/libc/posix1e/acl_strip.c, line

Line 129: assert(_acl_brand(acl_new) == ACL_BRAND_POSIX);

$FreeBSD: stable/8/lib/libc/posix1e/acl_strip.c 214626 2010-11-01
15:36:47Z trasz $

If anyone could advise it would be greatly appreciated. POSIX1e ACLs are
set on the filesystem via tunefs(8) and this is a system without MAC.

Specifically any issue of ( setfacl -d ... ) fails.
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