How disable ntpd on IPv6 adresses?

Peter Olsson pol at
Tue Oct 4 21:07:32 UTC 2011


I hope this is the right list for this question.
In FreeBSD 8.2, how do I make ntpd not open any
IPv6 ports? I have searched man pages and google,
but haven't found the answer. Some ntpd have the
command line option -4, but that doesn't seem to
be the case with FreeBSD ntpd.

The server runs IPv6, but ntpd will only ever be used
with IPv4 servers, so I don't want any unnecessary
open IPv6 ports for ntpd.

"Use restrict" or "Use a firewall" is not the answer.
I just don't want this junk in netstat -an:
udp6       0      0 fe80:3::1.123          *.*                    
udp6       0      0 ::1.123                *.*                    
udp6       0      0 x:x:x:x.123            *.*                    
udp6       0      0 fe80:2::219:bbff.123   *.*                    
udp6       0      0 fe80:1::219:bbff.123   *.*                    
udp6       0      0 *.123                  *.*                    


Peter Olsson                    pol at

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