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Teratux raespi at uci.cu
Tue Oct 4 19:42:29 UTC 2011

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anyone ??

On 09/30/2011 10:00 AM, Teratux wrote:
> Hi ... I've been trying for some time now to allow offline logging in 
> my pc which connects to a LDAP server.  I've configured my 
> nsswitch.conf like so:
> passwd:         cache files ldap #compat
> group:          cache files ldap #compat
> shadow:         cache files ldap #compat
> hosts:          cache files mdns4_minimal [NOTFOUND=return] dns mdns4
> networks:       cache files
> protocols:      db files
> services:       cache db files
> ethers:         db files
> rpc:            db files
> netgroup:       nis
> My nscd daemon is also configured to hold it's cache for a long period 
> of time.  When I reboot my machine I cannot login as an LDAP user 
> eventhough the nscd is running ( using the $id <user> command ).  I'm 
> simulating an offline environment shutting down the ethernet link so 
> there's no connection with the ldap server and to test if the nsswitch 
> mechanism works.  Unfortunately it doesn't.  Checking the 
> /var/log/auth.log when I try to login as an LDAP user I see messages 
> of nss_ldap trying to locate the ldap server, and ignoring my cache.
> Can anyone help me ??
> Thanks ...

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